For years, his main source of inspiration were street photography and portraits.

However, throughout the past few years he has focused on photographing landscapes and various other aspects of nature. This has proved to be an incredibly effective way of expressing his thoughts, emotions and aspirations.

Nothing here is without meaning: the stories he tells are a result of his own pursuit of spirituality. They invite us to question, analyze and reflect upon our own existence.

He frequently creates natural landscapes in a very simple way, by combining pictures symmetrically in order to create abstract compositions. This, in turn, invariably calls for reflection.

Staying in touch with nature is the best way to find a pathway into our inner self and to discover every single shred of our soul. Through nature we are able to see our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Those precious moments we devote to keeping in touch with ourselves can join to form a thread that connects us to our inner tranquility. They are vital for us to develop an awareness of our very own lives.

Such a close relationship with nature has added an unusual depth to Marek’s work. Moreover, it allows him to keep rediscovering his passion for traversing vast artistic expanses on his own, in search of that which is often invisible to most people, but which remains a part of our collective soul.